Cleaning Out the Crap

It’s been nine months since I’ve posted a blog, and in that time I have received over 30,000 spam comments. I was receiving an email notification for each one, the purpose of which was to determine if it was spam or an actual comment. Since last April, none were. I gave up caring, just deleting the emails but not the comments.

Now it is a New Year, and even though it is not yet Spring (does Mother Nature even care about seasonal traditions anymore?) it is time for cleansing. I have reconfigured the settings and deleted the pending comments. But more importantly, it is time for more personal purges.

Changes are occurring. I know this blog has avoided my personal life, focusing on my profession. As an actor, my body is my instrument. I have been dealing with some health issues over the last year or so, mainly Type II Diabetes. I believed that gaining weight to play Pot Roast / Meat Loaf was merely a physical transformation, part of the costume. At almost 300lbs. I put myself at some serious health risks.

Since then I’ve lost 50lbs. Just from changing my diet and adding a bit of exercise. However since Thanksgiving, I’ve slipped and gone back to my poor eating habits and gained a few pounds. My asthma has worsened, and I found it very difficult to dance through my nightly performances as The Golem with the Czechoslovak American Marionette Theatre. A wonderful opportunity to perform a leading role that is equally emotionally challenging as it was physically, and I am gasping for air at the end of every show.

The holidays have ended and I am challenging myself once again; This time with the Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanse. Ten days without food. At least. Ten. Days. Without. Any. Food. And I intend to blog about it all.

Follow me and lend me moral support. Read the blog, my Facebook statuses, my tweets and help me get through this. Inspiring me is my dear friend Sarah who will also add her voice here while struggling along with me. Together we will make it, because (as is her personal mantra) this too shall pass (wokka wokka).