Hunger Strikes

The end of Day One is here and I’m only now starting to feel hungry. I know most of it is probably psychological, doubled by the fact that every commercial at 1am is for food. And my stomach is growling.

A decision is also going to have to be made; I may need to temporarily suspend the cleanse, and I’ll need to decide by tomorrow or else I’m told I could get sick. Of course thinking about how I may be eating in the near future is making it hard tonot be eating now.

I didn’t realize how much life revolves around eating. The first casualty of the cleanse is going out. A client of mine will be in town and invited me to dinner. I didn’t even think about it when I accepted. I’ll be sitting there, watching people eat while I sip agave lemonade.

Challenges will come at me throughout the process, this is just the first of them. Tomorrow I will tackle the salt water flush, and make decisions on postponement later in the day.