Water Is Your Friend

So says Sarah, who is equally affected by the starvation right now as I am, although she is putting up a braver face. I am hunger’s bitch.

Actually, hunger isn’t my problem. At least not physically. I am truly not hungry. But I can smell food everywhere and my mind is telling me to eat. One might say i am addicted to eating. I would say I am also addicted, then, to oxygen. We need food to live.

That being said, I have some terrible eating habits. It is why I am overweight, why I have GERD, why I am a diabetic; it probably contributes to my allergies and asthma, and to my thyroid condition. Hopefully this will help me change some eating habits – it’s definitely making me more aware of them.

Being aware is the first step. So now I present to you the foods I want to eat when I can finally eat again. I will attempt to refrain from eating them all at one sitting.