New Year, New Show

2012 was filled with new opportunities career-wise. I started the year off on a shoot, acting as DP for a brand new web series called Miss Adventure. Producer/creator Jenn Larson was so happy with the work I did, I (along with then PA, now Associate Producer Sarah Fellez) was brought on board as a regular team member; shooting, editing, and consulting on the overall production of the series. Then, we were accepted into the NYTVF as a semi-finalist for the A&E Development Pipeline competition.

Though Miss Adventure was passed on by A&E, another production I submitted was also passed on. However, this was not a disappointment, as it was chosen by Lifetime television as a Finalist in its Pipeline competition. American Bombshells is being developed as a non-scripted series for the network and we will soon know the future of this promising program.

I travelled to Iowa with the Czechs, made a short film with some exotic animals, and developed a sci-fi cop drama with some good friends. I brought back old shows with new friends, said good-bye to a fabulous theatre company, and had quite an adventure in Tennessee. Now, I will be returning to my one of my favorite genres of performance: improvisational immersion theatre.

Opening on January 19, I will be portraying Nemo in the brand new musical Totally Tubular Time Machine playing at my favorite dance hall Culture Club. I can’t talk much about it, yet, but think Sleep No More meets Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Many good friends and collaborators are already talking to me about the projects we have high hopes for in this coming year, and I am excited about all of them. Time Machine is the first of many ventures, that I hope will include more Pot Roast, Bombshells, dancing superheroes, historic puppetry, new origins for classic tales, autobigraphic works (including short films and new blogs), travel, and help those I love bring their passions to life.