• “Impressively”, the reviews are coming already

    Yup. First review. And it’s pretty awesome.

  • I Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me

    Totally Tubular Time Machine is in its first week of rehearsals. Wednesday I began working with our musical director Lynn on the show’s opening number “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, and it’s finale “On the Floor” by J-Lo – though in our version, P. Diddy stands in for Pitbull. Between vocal […]

  • New Year, New Show

    2012 was filled with new opportunities career-wise. I started the year off on a shoot, acting as DP for a brand new web series called Miss Adventure. Producer/creator Jenn Larson was so happy with the work I did, I (along with then PA, now Associate Producer Sarah Fellez) was brought on board as a regular […]

  • Puppets, Snakes, Parrots, and Karaoke

    Well, this is a long overdue post. I am terrible at keeping up with the blog and the Web site, even with all the fancy technology at my fingertips. Or in my pocket. On July 15 I did two performances of “The White Doe” with The Czechoslovak American Marionette Theatre. We were special guest and […]

  • Water Is Your Friend

    So says Sarah, who is equally affected by the starvation right now as I am, although she is putting up a braver face. I am hunger’s bitch. Actually, hunger isn’t my problem. At least not physically. I am truly not hungry. But I can smell food everywhere and my mind is telling me to eat. […]

  • Hunger Strikes

    The end of Day One is here and I’m only now starting to feel hungry. I know most of it is probably psychological, doubled by the fact that every commercial at 1am is for food. And my stomach is growling. A decision is also going to have to be made; I may need to temporarily […]

  • Cleaning Out the Crap

    It’s been nine months since I’ve posted a blog, and in that time I have received over 30,000 spam comments. I was receiving an email notification for each one, the purpose of which was to determine if it was spam or an actual comment. Since last April, none were. I gave up caring, just deleting […]

  • Another opening, another show…

    I promise that I am not complaining; I am blessed. For the majority of actors and performers, opportunities are often few and far between, especially for pay. This week I have had the rare experience of opening two different shows – a schedule that has wound me up and worn me down. But it has […]

  • Dial M for Marionettes

    Since I was a child I have been fascinated with puppetry. Sure, I was raised on “Sesame Street“, and watched “The Muppet Show” every week, but my enthrallment with this art from extended beyond that of a nromal 5-year-old. I remember Mummenschanz, Howdy Doody, the almost scary hand puppets of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Lambchop, Wayland […]

    Mr M_PreProd-1
  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    Jan 9 was the first in a weekly installment at the historic Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village; a variety show that I co-host with my hetero-life-partner (aka creative collaborator) Susan Campanaro. The Susie Campanaro Variety Hour is Sonny and Cher Does Coney Island. With a mix of duets, burlesque, side-show attractions, clowns, musical guests, and […]

    Variety Postcard
lavinia burlesque

Autism Speaks, Chicks Get Naked

From the Facebook page: Lavinia Draper (my good friend Susan Campanaro)  is hosting a benefit Burlesque show with partial proceeds going to the Scott Weingard Memorial Foundation for the charity Autism Speaks. Lavinia recently hosted a Burlesque show in Philly and wanted to share the talent with NYC…we have some hot girs here folks!!!!! But […]

Eddie Vest

Little Shop of Rocky Horrors

Tonight at The Duplex, Darius Frowner will be playing an evening of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horror songs. It’s gonna be better than GLEE. I’ll be showing up to sing Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul) as Pot Roast and maybe since I’ll already being wearing leather I can convince Darius to […]


Air Guitar / America Hurrah

So, I didn’t post to promote the Category Sixx half-time performance at the Brooklyn Air Sex Championship because there are no words that can prepare one for the STDs (that’s Shreddy Transmitted Diseases) they will get at such a show. Condoms were passed out to the crowd during our set, but like the faces of […]


This Week: NYTVF

It’s been longer than I expected since my last blog, but I’ve been swamped with work. An agent has taken interest in me and sent me out the very next morning (though I need to get new head shots); I’m “producing” (on paper I’m not allowed to say I’m producing the show, the theatre gets […]


Sound & Jury

So a couple of years ago my good friend Amanda Ladd experimented with an idea I had for a web show making fun of Karaoke. The show was not the success I had hoped for, but I loved working with Amanda.  I just submitted for an acting gig and they wanted some video and I […]



So Wunderkrafthaus has been submitted to a couple of independent pilot festivals. NexTV’s festival has a viewer’s choice award and the winner for the month gets advanced to the final round. So help us get there! 1. Go to www.nextventertainment.com/web 2. Click on the big blue tab at the bottom left of the page that […]


Celebrity Ghost Stories: Alice Cooper

Today BIO aired the Alice Copper episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories in which I played a small role as Joe Perry’s guitar tech. My friend and colleague Tanner Dahlin played Alice Copper. I first met Tanner when he auditioned for Josh Adler and myself while casting the pilot episode of Wunderkrafthaus. Tanner was ultimately cast […]



I’ve added a video section to the site. Right now it’s full of vids featuring me, but soon it will also showcase videos I’ve edited, shot, or produced. Oddly enough, I don’t have reel as most performers do. This is ironic, considering I run reeldealediting.com – a service of Independent Together, Ltd. (links on the […]


Video Killed the Radio Star

Figured it out. :p


The Legendary Pot Roast

I haven’t figured out how to embed the actual video, but follow the link to see the Promo on YouTube. Anything for Love Promo